Did you know that 95% of the cherries grown in Canada are grown here here in the Okanagan Valley?  Cherries require a very particular climate to thrive and the dry, temperate regions of the Okanagan happen to have the perfect growing conditions for cherries. We are also so lucky that not only can you find them at the Farmer’s Market but there are many U-Pick locations around the area where you can pick your own cherries.

In addition to being sweet and juicy (or tart and mouthwatering, depending on the variety), cherries have a lot of health benefits as well.  They are rich in heart-healthy anthocyanins and potassium, plus sleep promoting melatonin.

Cherries have a low glycemic load so they don’t spike blood sugar and insulin levels, which may help prevent the 2 diabetes, a condition that is on the rise among kids

Check out our July is Cherry Month Fact Sheet for more fun facts and recipes for Cherry Fruit Leather and Cherry BBQ Sauce.

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