My name is Bonnie.  I’ve lived in Kelowna for 15 years.  I have a certificate in Horticulture and Landscape Design from Okanagan College, and I own a landscape company called Everything Green.

What is your favourite locally-sourced food?

Tomatoes!  Right from my own garden!

If you were a vegetable, what would you be?

A tomato. There are hundreds of varieties.

What’s something you’ve learned from Chefs in the Classroom?

How much fun it is to work with grade 3 students.  They are like sponges, soaking up everything we are teaching them.  It’s fun too to gross them out showing them all the worms in the compost.

Do you have a favourite kid-friendly recipe you’d like to share?

Blend any fruit you love with yogurt, then freeze them in popsicle trays.  Delicious!

What makes volunteering with Chefs in the Classroom awesome?

I have met so many people who share my love for gardening & eating all the great produce we grow!

Anything else you’d like to share with the class?

I grow a lot of different produce for local restaurants, although I don’t have a farm I have extensive raised beds (15!) on my property which allows me to grow many vegetables, herbs, culinary flowers, berries and fruit.  “My office is my garden.”  One year I planted 20 varieties of tomatoes – over 1000 plants!

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