My name is Tori and I am a mom of two, best-selling cookbook co-author of Fraiche Food, Full Hearts, blogger behind and registered dietician living in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.  After six years of blogging and listening to what people needed I started the meal plan as a simple way to help people eat better minus all the stress. I have such a passion for creating wholesome and delicious recipes, thoughtfully put together, to help nourish people and bring joy back to healthy eating. 

What is your favourite locally-sourced food?


If you were a vegetable, what would you be?

Zucchini.  I am hard to manage, flexible , down-to-earth, and am all over the place.  LOL!

What’s something you’ve learned from Chefs in the Classroom?

It has reinforced how incredible and supportive our community is, and just how much humble talent there is here in the Okanagan.

Do you have a favourite kid-friendly recipe you’d like to share?

Oh yes,my Green Smoothie is one we start nearly every day out with!

What makes volunteering with Chefs in the Classroom awesome?

I just love being part of a group of like-minded people who want to do good in the world, and who share my passion for wholesome local food and instilling the next generation with the skills and love of healthy balanced eating.

Anything else you’d like to share with the class?

Cooking and baking, like all things in life, is something that comes with practice. Be patient with yourself, curious, and try something new! I used to dislike avocado and my dog wouldn’t even eat the first pie I ever made. That didn’t stop me, and now I love avocado (I add it to everything) and make a GREAT pie!


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