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Edible Education in the Okanagan

Educating children in our community about how to grow, cook and eat local foods!


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About Us

Modelled after other successful edible education classes all over North America, Chefs in the Classroom – edible education is unique in that it is an Okanagan inspired, hands-on curriculum with links to our Indigenous community and practices. The highlight of the 6-lesson course is a field trip to a working farm with lunch hosted by our chefs and volunteer teams.

The Okanagan Chefs Association launched a new initiative entitled ‘Chefs in the Classroom – edible education’ in Spring 2016.

What We Do

Our Goals

  1. To introduce children to farming and gardening best-practices in our community.
  2. To successfully continue to operate an Okanagan-based edible education project.
  3. Engage and inspire children through hands on and interactive real-life experiences.

Lesson 1

Embark on the Journey! Students dive into the world of gardening, learning to sow seeds and plan a garden, while gaining essential insights into nutrition basics.

Lesson 2

Veggie Delights! Exploring delicious vegetable options, students discover the significance of choosing locally grown foods over shipped alternatives.

Lesson 3

Green Thumbs and Culinary Adventures! From thinning and transplanting to composting, students delve deeper into garden care, utilizing harvested tomatoes to craft a delectable sauce.

Lesson 4

Spring Buzz! Unveiling the crucial role of bees in food growth, students celebrate the season with creative spring soup making.

Lesson 5

Herbal Heros! Students uncover the magic of herbs and explore how combining them with fruits or vegetables elevates the flavor profile of their culinary creations.


Lesson 6

Indigenous Culinary Traditions! Providing an introduction to Indigenous Foods, students gain insight into the rich traditions integral to Indigenous culture.

Lesson 7

Farm Field and Graduation!

Culminating our journey with a field trip to a local farm, students enjoy a tour, lunch, and a heartwarming graduation ceremony.

Our Sponsors

Chefs in the Classroom – edible education would not be possible without the generous support of the following organizations.

Growing together

I don’t know what sort of sorcery you are using in my sons class but he just asked for raw ASPARAGUS and Lettuce tonight! He said he tried them with you in his class and he likes them!…

He’s also been showing alot less fear in general around trying new food since you started in his class, and comes home excited to tell me all about what he did every week.

I seriously couldn’t be more grateful and just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you do. Clearly your program and the Chefs you have working with the kids are incredible.

Charity Hutchinson


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