Microgreens are fast-growing, nutritious greens that can be grown all year, and are the perfect pick-me-up for winter days.

What is a microgreen?  Microgreens are not sprouts, though people often think they are the same.  Sprouts are seeds that can germinate in the dark and be ready to harvest in two days.  Microgreens grow for a week or two, and the tiny leaves that you eat grow above the soil.  Microgreens are essentially seedlings of edible vegetables and hers.  From arugula to kale, to broccoli and beets, these tiny versions only grow to a few inches and can come in 50-60 different varieties.  Microgreens have distinct flavours ranging from spicy, nutty, mild to sweet to bitter.  Different microgreens have different health benefits with microgreens packing a punch with vitamins, immune boosting benefits and even a source of protein.  Research suggest that microgreens contain far more vitamins and phytochemicals than fully mature vegetables. Each microgreen vegetable has its own unique taste.

Check out our January is Microgreen Month for a few of our favourite microgreens and their flavour profiles along with ideas of how you can use these small but mighty greens.

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