I’m Skylar!  I originally hail from Southern Alberta, making my way to the Okanagan four years ago.  I brought 10 years of cheffing experience, 2 years of gardening and horticulture in a winery setting and many years of teaching and mentoring in different capacities.  Volunteering and making a difference is one of my favourite passions!

What is your favourite locally-sourced food?

All the fresh fruit, and of course…garlic!

If you were a vegetable, what would you be?

A radish I think.  I feel like I’m spicy but versatile yet fun sized.

What’s something you’ve learned from Chefs in the Classroom?

How to think on your feet, and how eager the next generation is about learning about sustainability and food. 

What makes volunteering with Chefs in the Classroom awesome?

The program is very engaging, helps you think on your feet, and helping with education and communication with both the students and teachers.

Anything else you’d like to share with the class?

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future and to see the program continue to grow and flourish.


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